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Nil Excess

In association with 2Gether FS, The pajero Owners Club is pleased to offer an exciting new product, that could save you literally hundreds of pounds in the event of an accident!

Nil Excess is currently a unique benefit in the motor insurance market, provided by 2gether Insurance. You're probably aware of the mandatory excess on your insurance policy and may even have opted for a further voluntary excess to help to reduce your insurance premium? So how much would you have to pay towards the cost of a claim? 100.00? 200.00? maybe 500.00? More?

Your car is damaged, maybe by vandals, perhaps in a car-park and you have to decide - do I pay, or do I claim? Your car's a write-off and on top of the loss, you have to pay!

Now, there's another option ...

For ONLY 35.00 a year, you can protect your policy excess UP TO 500.00 !!!

Nil Excess covers claims emanating from :

     Total Loss (insurance write-off)
     Non Fault Accidents involving an Uninsured Driver or Untraceable Driver.

Policy eligibilty :

     For all persons over 19 years of age
     For individuals only
     For private, Motorcar, Motorcycle or Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) listed in Parkers Guide.
     For Private Motorcycles above 200cc only.

In the UK, every two minutes a car is stolen - in 2003 282,816 cars were stolen in England, Scotland and Wales.
60% of vehicles stolen in the UK are either never recovered or are damaged beyond repair.
Vehicle related crime represents 30% of all reported crime in the UK.
Between July 03 and June 04 there were 87,300 thefts of or from vehicles.
(Source 2004 Car Theft Index)

For more information, please call : 01945 585322 on our dedicated landline and ask for more details about the Club's Nil Excess policy and other insurance products.

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