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Key care

Losing your Keys is a major inconvenience, not to mention a security risk. But now You can protect yourself from both with boomerang tag.

Boomerang Tag for the Pajero Owners Club members.               Boomerang Tag for the Pajer Owners Club members.

The Key Care policy covers the costs for replacing your keys, including your house and car keys, and will cover replacement keys, locks and immobilisers.

With the Key Care policy, you are covered up to 1500 per year., with NO excess charge. You have a 24 hour helpline and they will even cover onward destination costs.

For JUST 15.23 a year, you will get the peace of mind of up to 1500.00 a year towards the cost of replacement keys, locks, and immobilsers and will include an onward destination service if required.

What is covered?

     All the keys attached to the fob are covered, for example keys to your car, home, office or caravan.
     You have up to 1,500 worth of cover per annum.
     You will be covered for locksmith charges, replacement locks and keys, reprogramming immobilisers, infrared handsets and alarms when lost stolen or broken.
     You are also covered for the cost of onward transport and a hire car if you are stranded or your car is unusable as a result of lost, stolen or broken keys.
     You will not be asked to pay an excess as is common with many insurance policies.
     Your No-Claims Bonus on your other insurance policies will not be affected if you make a claim.
     There is no limit on the number of claims you may make.

For more information, please call : 01945 585322 on our dedicated landline and ask for more details about the Club's Key Care policy and other insurance products.

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