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Stolen Imports - get your Pajero checked


Following the alarm bells set off by the BBC Watchdog report, highlighting the potential problem with the trade in stolen Japanese cars, Mitsubishi Motors are able to help you to verify that your car is a genuine import.

Basically, you will need to contact your local Mitsubishi dealer and arrange to take your vehicle and the V5 ownership document to them and for a nominal fee, (currently 29.38 inc. VAT - we've tried to negotiate a discount, but the word from Mitsubishi is that this is already a discounted price and they won't go lower!), they will check out your car, cross-referencing the details with Mitsubishi in Japan.  The whole process should take no more than 21 days.

Comprehensive details are available from Mitsubishi's UK website.  Their contact details are:

'phone :


web :

email :

0845 070 2000

01285 647774 (office hours)

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