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'90-'99 Shogun/Pajero pitman arm recall

Mitsubishi is recalling all Shogun models sold in the UK between 1990 and 1999, and owners of 'grey' imported Pajero and Montero models are also urged to contact their nearest Mitsubishi dealership. Around 41,000 Shoguns are subject to this recall, and an estimated 16,000-20,000 Pajeros or Monteros.

Pajero Pitman Arm

The recall is to replace the Pitman arm ball stud within the steering, which can corrode and potentially fail. Eleven incidents of steering failure, including two accidents, have been reported; water, grit and mud intrusion under the lip of the steering joint's protective cover is thought to play a part. "Continuous heavy use with repetitive force, driving in severe off-road conditions, for example, could cause the ball stud to break with a loss of steering control", says Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi is contacting owners of 'official' Shogun models first of all, and will also be trying to trace registered owners of Pajeros and Monteros; it will also be advertising in selected press outlets. "We have taken a positive view that this part needs to be changed so we and our dealerships are getting on with it", said Stephen Blackburn, Director of Mitsubishi UK aftersales. "There is no need for everyone to rush at once; it is a case of making an appointment with the service department at the Mitsubishi dealership. We are also taking the equally positive view that those owners of grey imports should have their vehicles attended to as well".

The recall work will be carried out free of charge, and takes around one hour.

You can click here to register your car with MMC/CCC in order to be kept up to date with any recall notice information on your VIN. and you can simply call your local MMC dealer, explain the situation, give them your VIN and ask when you can book you car in for the work.

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