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Joining the Pajero Owners Club (UK) couldn't be easier.  Simply submit the online application form and you're in!

The great thing about this club is that it's purely to help Pajero owners get the most out of owning their car and best of all, it's free!

Membership to this club helps us to identify you, and keeps the taxman happy if you make purchases from the site  - we guarantee you will not receive ANY unsolicited mailings, other than news from the club, as a result of supplying your details.

Click here, or the link above, complete the details and submit the form and you're in.  No fees to access "members only" pages, this site is open to everybody.

In order to make full use of the Club's facilities, please sign up on the Club's online forums - Click here to go straight to the forums, where to can register, for free, with a username and password of your own choice.

We will constantly strive to find you the best deals , but we rely on you for your useful information and feedback to help other Pajero owners benefit from our service.


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