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This section has been included as a reference point for answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.  Check here before you go to the forum, your query may already be answered!

Seen any regular questions on the forum where the answer belongs here?  Send the q&a details and I'll make sure it's included.

Mail your faq

mail your faq


UK Miles per Gallon / mpg calculator
UK fuel price per gallon calculator
4x4 and diff lock explained
How do I reset my compass?
How do I fix my compass?
How do I change the compass light bulb?
Import guide (with thanks to Elite International)
Pajero vehicle specifications
Paint codes
Pajero CK classification codes
My tdi belches black smoke on starting?
Pajero GDI features
Super select 4wd - what's it all about?
What is the A/T Mode switch for?

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