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About The Pajero Owners Club (UK)

The Pajero Owners Club (UK) was founded by Simon Hobson in early 2001.

Following the purchase of a Pajero, the search for a similar organization, aimed specifically at Mitsubishi Pajero owners in the UK, proved fruitless, leading to the publishing of the website in March 2001.

The aim of this club is simply to allow owners of the Pajero range of cars the opportunity to have a common forum, in particular to share your experience of ownership in order to benefit all Pajero owners.

Using the club as a driving force, we are able to negotiate discounts with dealers, servicing agents, parts suppliers, insurers and other associated suppliers, to benefit our members.

Membership is free, with club funds generated by token arrangements with dealers on the site who have agreed to pay a small commission on sales resulting through links from this site, product sales and some affiliation schemes with service providers. One of the key aims for the club is to strive to find the best value-for-money deals available for our members and we continue to negotiate deals with dealers and suppliers. If you feel you have made a significant saving or gained a major benefit through the club, please consider a voluntary contribution that can be made through the club shop.

In order to take advantage of some of the offers available on the site, you will need to sign up for our email list, when you will be provided with a reference code which you may be required to supply to qualify.

We trust you will be satisfied with the direction in which the club is moving, and encourage contributions, both of a technical and more general nature.

Welcome to the Club!


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